Application deadline for the photovoltaic support July 7, 2020

Without warning, the government has announced that the application deadline for the photovoltaic support will be introduced on July 7, 2020. The press release also states that the completion of photovoltaic installations in order to receive the support is postponed for six months.

“The government has today decided on an amendment to the regulation, which means that the date when the installations must be completed is moved forward six months; from December 31, 2020 to June 30, 2021.” says the press release.
The extension of the completion date is fully in line with what we at EnergiEngagemang have previously lobbied for. In practical terms, this means that applicants have until June 30, 2021 to complete their solar installation.

Deadline July 7 for the grant

For companies and organizations that want to take advantage of the support, it is important to move quickly. July 7 will be the last day to apply for the grant. The reason for introducing the stop now is that the photovoltaic support from the turn of the year will be transformed into a Sol-ROT. A deduction similar to the current RUT and ROT system.

But the Sol-ROT will only apply to private individuals and will most likely end up at a level corresponding to 15% of the total investment. It is unclear what will happen to support for farmers, community groups, businesses and other organizations. Jonas Weissglas, head of marketing at EnergiEngagemang, has received a reply via Twitter from Richard Nordin, the Center’s energy policy spokesperson. He admits that this is a problem and that the support could possibly come back in the autumn budget, but that it is a matter of negotiation. So what should you do now? It depends on the situation you are in:

Have you already applied for funding but not built a facility?

Make sure you start building as soon as possible. You will then be able to complete your installation in good time.

Have you received a grant but not yet built a facility?

Same here, get started with the construction as soon as possible. If you have been awarded the grant, you have also been given a deadline to meet.

Have you not applied for funding and are interested in building?

Contact one of our project developers and we will help you with the supporting documents and a timetable for the start of construction.

Have you applied for funding and already built your facility, but still haven’t received an answer about the funding from the County Council?

Congratulations, enjoy your solar installation. Contact the County Administrative Board six months after submitting your application to check your place in the queue.

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