Personal data

Processing of personal data under the GDPR

EnergiEngagemang processes the personal data provided to the person connected to EnergiEngagemang in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (also called GDPR). Personal data is any type of information that can be directly or indirectly attributed to a living person, such as name, address and social security number.


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Consent to the processing of personal data

EnergiEngagemang records and processes the personal data of interested parties, customers and other contacts in structured data files. Personal data is collected when an individual requests a quote, fills out a form on our website, participates in surveys, receives offers and promotions, or otherwise uses EnergiEngagemang’s services. In general, consent to the processing and recording of personal data by EnergiEngagemang must be obtained in advance from the data subject. If consent has not been obtained or consent has been requested but not given, it is important that the person whose personal data is being processed notifies EnergiEngagemang of this so that the processing of personal data continues to take place accordingly. This is particularly important if the person concerned has a protected identity.
Some processing of personal data is necessary even if the data subject has not given consent. For example, this may be for the performance of contracts and other legal obligations.

The purpose of the processing

The purpose of the processing of personal data is primarily to provide information on, sell and install photovoltaic systems and related services. The personal data is also used to enable EnergiEngagemang to meet legal obligations and to fulfill agreements and measures that have been requested before or after an agreement has been made. The personal data is used to enable EnergiEngagemang to meet the requirements of the business. For such recording and processing of personal data that is allowed without the consent of the data subject, no consent is obtained from the data subject.
Personal data is used within EnergiEngagemang to provide a good service and for marketing, information distribution and various mailings. EnergiEngagemang does not distribute personal data to third parties without the customer’s consent.

Completion of data

In order for EnergiEngagemang to meet the statutory requirement for good customer and register management, personal data may need to be supplemented or updated with information obtained from public or private registers. This includes information such as address, full first and last name, telephone number and date of birth.
Transfer of registered data
After obtaining consent, EnergiEngagemang will store and process data on the capacity, location and other technical information of the PV system together with its address.

Register extracts

The data subject has the right to be informed once per calendar year about which of his/her personal data is registered with EnergiEngagemang. Requests for extracts are free of charge and should be sent in writing to the data controller at the above address. The request must be personally signed by the applicant and contain his/her name and social security number.

Rectification of data

The data subject has the right to request rectification of amended or inaccurate data. The data subject may also request that the registered personal data not be used for direct marketing purposes. The notification should then be sent to the data controller at the above address.

Clearing and updating personal data

EnergiEngagemang intends to have constantly updated records and therefore clears personal data regularly. Personal data is stored by EnergiEngagemang for the time necessary for the purposes stated above. EnergiEngagemang takes reasonable steps to keep the personal data processed up-to-date and to delete outdated and otherwise inaccurate or redundant personal data. The data may also be erased at the request of the data subject, except where there are legal grounds or it is otherwise necessary to retain certain personal data.