New technology enables old-fashioned crafts

Sörgården Öhm has been producing milk for 120 years. By investing in their own solar power production, they have created the conditions for the farm to continue supplying milk in the same way as when it was started in the future.

Sörgården Öhm is an organic KRAV-certified dairy farm run by Robert and Anne-Berit Fredriksson since the 1990s. The farm’s operations are largely the same now as when it was built in 1903, but have been modernized and renovated over the past 30 years. In 2013, a new barn was completed, where the 85 cows are now milked by a milking robot, and in 2020 they decided to invest in their own solar panel system from EnergiEngagemang.

When we were in the process of investing in solar panels
we attended a seminar on solar power held by EnergiEngagemang which gave us many new insights. Above all, it was an aha moment when we realized that the solar cells will produce about the same amount of electricity for very many years with a known amount of power.
investment cost, unlike the uncertainty of where electricity prices will go in the future, says Robert Fredriksson.

Becoming a solar producer was something they had been thinking about for several years when the decision was made. Sustainability is a very important aspect of the business and producing green fossil-free electricity has since become part of the brand and something they are very proud of.

For us, it was important to have good references before making a decision. In addition, we wanted a good work plan and documentation on how the installation and commissioning would take place. That’s what we got at EnergiEngagemang. We are very satisfied and the facility passed the inspection without any remarks. Everything has worked exceptionally well.

With its photovoltaic system, the farm is equipped to face the future, and while they hope that the business will not change, but continue to supply milk for the next hundred years, they see the opportunity to develop the business further.

We wouldn’t have done anything differently if we had invested in solar panels today, everything has really worked without interference. However, it may be relevant to expand the plant in the future, both with solar panels and
energy storage. In addition, energy storages provide many other opportunities, especially for additional revenue, but they can also provide other benefits to

Since 2016, Robert and Anne-Berit also run a farm dairy where they pasteurize milk and yogurt that is sold in the farm shop under the name Sörgårdsmjölk. The products are sold in 1-liter bottles that can be reused again and again, for virtually any length of time. Just as milk was delivered a hundred years ago.

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