Vision with the Land and Environment Court

In mid-June, together with the Land and Environment Court in Växjö, we visited the Horshult project. The County Administrative Board of Kronoberg County and Ljungby Municipality were also present with a number of representatives.

One of the cases currently being considered by the MMD is the question of whether or not shoreline protection has been granted. The landowner had prepared the viewing by setting up posts and drawing ribbons to indicate the distance planned from the slope down to the water and up to the fence line, a distance of about ten meters. The second band shows roughly where panel boards within the fence will stand, which is another 4-5 meters in from the fence. The aim was to show in a clear and illustrative way the passage created between the fence and the slope and that the planned solar park does not hinder access to the water.

Emma Nygren Tibblin Avatar
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