Widtsköfle Gods


The basic philosophy at Widtsköfle Estate in northeastern Skåne is to use modern technology to produce food of the best quality on a large scale with the greatest possible consideration for people, animals and the environment. At the same time, they want investments made on the farm to have a healthy profitability, and given the network fee increases of recent years, the time was ripe for solar panels.


The solar cells were mounted on two separate roofs, both facing south and with an optimal slope. In total, there are 750 solar panels that cover almost 1,300 square meters and produce approx. 200 000 kWh/year. The facility is very visible from the road when passing the estate.


Carl-Georg Stjernswärd, the owner of Widtsköfle, is very satisfied with the procurement process and thought the installation was quick and the result was good. In the course of the project, he also received help with contacts with the authorities and follow-up on the payment of grants awarded. With the PV system in place, he is less concerned about future electricity price increases as most of the electricity he produces goes directly to his own consumption.