Sparreholm parish hall – 11.9 kW


Last year, the parish of Flens installed a photovoltaic system on the Sparreholm Parish Hall. When the roof was re-roofed, it was also decided that they would look at different photovoltaic solutions. As an independent solar energy expert, we were entrusted to carry out the entire project – from analysis to installed PV system.


In our feasibility study, we saw, among other things, that any ventilation penetrations would interfere with the placement of the solar panels. The solution was to close some of them, which made the installation easier and allowed more solar panels to fit on the roof. When it came to choosing solar panels, there were several requests from the congregation, including requirements for good ethical manufacturing. Together we found a solar panel that met the requirements and had a proven high technical performance.


The current installation consists of 45 solar panels and is estimated to produce about 11,500 kWh annually. Together with the congregation, we are now reviewing the property portfolio to find more suitable roofs and next in line is Flens Församlingshem.