Solar park in Skåne – 253 kW


Not everyone has a large roof in a perfect south-facing position to place a solar installation. But if there is land available, many opportunities open up for those who want to invest in solar cells. Between Kristianstad and Hässleholm is a farm that in the fall of 2016 used some of the fields to build its own solar park.


The system itself was designed for a maximum output of 253 kW distributed over 920 solar panels. The reason why the park was not built larger is the tax on solar installations above 255 kW. Having to pay a 30 öre/kWh tax on something you both produce and consume is directly unprofitable. The actual installation took no more than seven days from the time the installation team arrived on site until the last panel was installed.


Although we were hit by something as unusual as 30 cm of snow in Skåne in November, we kept to the schedule and the solar park is now up and running and is expected to produce approx. 250,000 kWh/year which means that the farm gets almost 85% of all its electricity consumption from the sun.