Övrabyborg Farm

Just south of Tomelilla in Österlen, Skåne, lies Övrabyborg Farm. A new generation has taken over the business and among the many ideas to be implemented, solar energy was an early priority. In 2016, a plant of 224 panels was built and this year the investment will be expanded with another 170 panels. We interviewed Gustav von Platen, the driving force behind the project.

Why have you chosen to invest in solar energy?

As the new generation of farmers, I am trying to look to the next generation and see that a sustainable alternative energy source and self-sufficiency is the way forward. Fossil fuels will slowly disappear and be replaced by, as it stands now, electric power. If electricity can be extracted from the largest known source of power, it is an investment we make today for savings tomorrow.

We were also an early adopter of the challenge organized by Fossil Free Sweden to install solar energy on at least one roof by 2020. It could be reached quickly.

What are you most satisfied with after one year of solar electricity production?

Knowing that many of the parts of the company that run on electricity are actually powered by the sun and not fossil fuels.

What reactions have you received from colleagues, neighbours, friends?

Very positive. Many people ask if it is economically sustainable, and I say that in my case it is.

How do you think EnergiEngagemang has worked as a supplier?

I think they have been very professional and focused on the customer’s conditions and financial calculation.

Watch the movie about the facility on the farm: