Moses Bil & Lack

Exclusive car care in the forests of Tollarp

Exclusive car brands and luxury car owners from other countries come to Moses Bil & Lack in Tollarp to have their cars repaired and painted.

The high electricity prices of the last year have made many people want to save electricity. But the big opportunity for those who own some land is rather to invest in solar energy and become their own electricity producer.

– I’m glad I invested in this, and now my dream is to double the size,” says Mose Freyer, CEO of Moses Bil & Lack.

Moses Bil & Lack is a family business with over 50 employees and a passion for cars whose reputation has spread around the world.

– We take care of lots of exclusive cars. “Famous people fly their specials to us in secret so that we can take care of them,” says Mose Freyer.

But 9,000 square meters to be heated, plus six paint boxes and good ventilation. This means that the company is wasting a lot of power. In spring 2021, the decision was made to invest in its own solar park with 1320 panels, located on a hectare behind the workshop.

– In total, the park produces 198,000 kWh per year, and I’m glad I invested in this,” says Mose.