Maltesholm is a castle located just under two miles southwest of Kristianstad on Linderödsåsen. It was built as a Renaissance castle with a wide moat between 1635 and 1638. The castle acquired its current appearance in the 1780s with a hipped roof and plastered facade. adjacent to the castle, there is also a magnificent castle park open to the public.

In 2017, the castle got a more modern look when the current owner installed 264 solar panels on one of the farm buildings in front of the castle.

Why did you choose to install solar energy?

I see an investment in solar energy as part of my efforts to ensure that future generations can continue to own and manage the farm’s cultural heritage. It is primarily about reducing costs. Electricity is a major expense here, and with solar panels on the roof, I am protecting myself from future electricity price increases. The fact that it is also a sustainable energy choice means that we are making the best possible use of our resources. We have previously invested in wind power, so it was a short step to solar energy.

Do you have any advice for others thinking of installing?

When the economy is good, it is important to invest in infrastructure that reduces costs in the long term.