Hjularöd Gods, Skåne – 192 kW


The Hjularöd estate has extensive piglet production. Along with forestry, plant cultivation and property rental, solar energy is now seen as another part of running the farm as environmentally friendly as possible. The installation is one of the larger rooftop solar installations in Skåne.


The installation is dimensioned according to the conditions of the farm and the solar panels are distributed on two large roofs. Due to the high electricity consumption on the farm, it is estimated that most of the solar energy produced will go directly to the farm’s own electricity consumption, something that Henrik Negendanck, operations manager at Hjularöd, thinks is good.

– The photovoltaic system will account for almost 20% of the total electricity consumption on the farm. It’s amazing that a dead surface like the roof can give back so much.


After six months of operation, a first evaluation was carried out and the results were very positive. The production curve is in line with the forecast and, thanks to good solar radiation, much more solar energy has been produced than expected, giving an extra boost to the profit and loss account.