BRF Ekbacksskolan – Stockholm

On May 6, 2018, there was an inauguration of the solar cell system on the roof of BRF Ekbacksskolan. On the roof, 123 polycrystalline panels have been installed which are estimated to produce about 30,000 kWh of solar electricity per year.

Why did you as a BRF choose to install solar energy?

We chose to install solar energy mainly because we wanted to take a step for the environment, and when it also turned out to be financially viable and quite easy over time, there was little to worry about.

What made you choose Energy Engagement?

We chose EnergiEngagemang mainly because of the knowledgeable, serious and committed impression we got, good price and that you offered panels that were good environmentally on Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition’s “Solar Scorecard”.

What advice would you give to other BRFs thinking about installing solar energy?

Find out as much as possible about the process and what it entails in terms of costs, installment and profits in the long run etc. and present to the members, there is not much that can speak against installing. We got approval right away.

What has been the feedback from neighbours and members?

The feedback so far has been nothing but positive. Everyone has felt that it was the right step to take for several reasons and has found it exciting and fun. Now we will monitor production and we will see in the coming years what the outcome will be.