BRF Ängspiren – Tyresö

Although the housing association was only two years old, they decided to start a new, big project and install solar panels on the roof.
– We saw that it would be good both environmentally and commercially,” says Stefan Zetterberg, board member of the Ängspiren housing association in Tyresö.

The Ängspiren housing estate is located on a meadow by Erstaviken just south of Stockholm. Although the association is so new that the first members only moved in in 2017, in the fall of 2019 they chose to start a new, major project in the association: solar cells on the roof.
– “Several board members took the initiative on this issue almost simultaneously,” explains Stefan Zetterberg, board member and project manager for the solar project.
– The strongest reason was that we all recognized the environmental benefits, but we also wanted to reduce the dependency on electricity from other sources, as there was already a lot of talk about electricity prices and grid capacity. In addition, solar panels would increase the value of our houses, so it would be marketable for the association.

Once that was done, the association contacted various suppliers and also investigated the possibility of obtaining a grant for the installation.
– Then the pandemic got in the way and we had to postpone both the meeting and the decision. But it didn’t matter because during that time prices were falling, so the calculation was even better.

The choice was made for Energy Commitment

We were chosen because we could offer the best quote, but also because we could offer a contact person on site locally, which facilitates close contact with the association.
– This is a big decision for a small association like ours, but Energy Commitment showed commitment. They were always present and showed that they took us seriously. As customers, we felt that here is someone who really puts in the effort, which is extremely valuable.

Several decisive arguments

To further strengthen the arguments, Energy Commitment was able to include a guaranteed end date for the project in the contract.
– We had received a solar grant in December 2020, with the condition that everything would be installed and ready by June 30, 2021. So it was important for us to feel confident that there would be no delay.

Brf Ängspiren consists of two row houses with ten apartments in each, and is located in a north-south direction. This means that the 20 solar panels on each property face both east and west, which is ideal for residential buildings where consumption is usually highest in the morning and evening.
– Many of us have also chosen electricity trading contracts with suppliers that allow us to “save” solar electricity from the summer and use it in the winter, as they can save hydroelectricity in the summer and use it in the winter instead.

All satisfied

Overall, both Stefan Zetterberg as project manager and the members are very satisfied.
– There were some who were a bit hesitant at the beginning, but even they have said afterwards that this is the best thing we have done. We care about the environment, we produce our own electricity, and the fact that the cost of electricity is falling makes it even more valuable.

Association President Matthias Dierauer agrees.
– Brf Ängspiren is beautifully situated by the water and all members place the environment high on the agenda. When the board realized that the association could become self-sufficient in electricity and reduce our carbon footprint, it was an obvious choice.