Arctic Paper Grycksbo

Arctic Paper Grycksbo

Energy-intensive paper mills since 1740

Paper mills are energy-intensive and are highly affected by electricity prices on the market. So Arctic Paper Grycksbo has acquired its own solar power plant.

In Grycksbo, Arctic Paper produces fine paper and packaging paper. It has been a paper mill since 1740 and once had Sweden’s second paper machine. And they want to remain innovative and at the forefront of technology.

As part of its 4P (paper, pulp, packaging, power) strategy, it has installed its own photovoltaic system on one of its unused roofs. The plant produces 499,000 kWh/year, which is only a small part of the energy consumed by Arctic Paper Grycksbo in its production. It sees the investment as a first step in its green energy initiative and sees opportunities to install more rooftop and ground installations in the future.

Magnus Nerpin, production manager at Arctic Paper Grycksbo, explains more about how they decided to invest in solar energy, why they chose EnergiEngagemang and how the plans have been realized.