MEP Jytte Guteland visits HSB Solpark.

Today we had Jytte Guteland, EU parliamentarian and Social Democrat, visiting the HSB solar park in Strängnäs. Together with Magnus Brandel (S), Jytte met our CEO Johan Skördare, who told us about how the park, which was then (and soon again) Sweden’s largest, was built. Conversations also focused on permitting processes, how solar parks can benefit both the electricity system and biodiversity, and the many possibilities for combining solar energy production with, for example, grazing, fallow land or the production of grassland, berries, etc.

“It’s really an eye-opener that it works so well here in the Nordic countries,” says Jytte, who in her role as an EU parliamentarian has worked with REPowerEU, which aims to quickly phase out Russian oil and natural gas by speeding up the transition to green energy, where solar cells play a significant role.

Jytte concludes the visit by saying “I am very positive about solar power and feel very inspired both politically and privately”. Many thanks and welcome back Jytte!

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