Investing the high-cost electricity protection smartly – ensuring stable low electricity prices for a long time to come

The government’s high-cost protection for electricity will soon be paid out to households and businesses. The aid, paid retroactively, will compensate for the unusually high electricity prices of the past year. By investing the support in solar panels, you ensure a stable low electricity price and make yourself independent of the fluctuations of the electricity market.

The government announced at the end of October that a high-cost protection against high electricity prices will be paid to all households and businesses in SE3 and SE4. The aid is intended to cover retroactively the high electricity prices of the past year and will compensate 50 öre per kWh used in SE3 and 79 öre per kWh used in SE4. For a company in southern Sweden that consumes 400,000 kWh per year, this means 316,000 SEK back. The aim is for the money to be paid out in early 2023.

Many have criticized the government for not using the money to create incentives to reduce electricity consumption or to create increased electricity production that can contribute to lower electricity prices in the long term.
By investing the money from the high-cost protection in a photovoltaic installation, you can take matters into your own hands and ensure a long-term low electricity price and independence from the fluctuations of the electricity market.

– There is no investment that gives you a greater and more secure return than self-generated solar power. In addition, it increases the competitiveness of your business while benefiting both people and the environment. Says Jonas Almqvist, Head of Large Companies.

Contact us and we will help you secure a stable low electricity price based on your circumstances.

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