Five questions for our new Head of HR

Helena Sjöberg has started as HR manager at EnergiEngagemang. It is a newly created position. The company continues to grow and therefore Helena is needed to work with personnel issues and above all to manage all the new recruitments that are underway this year.

What excites you about your new role?

It is that there is an incredible breadth to the role. Having the opportunity to influence how the role and the HR work should be designed is incredibly motivating. For me it is important that HR issues are linked to the business, so that HR does not become a side function. Both managers and staff should be able to see the value of my contribution. High on the list for HR work in the coming year is of course recruitment and a good introduction for new employees. I am also very much looking forward to starting work on core values, starting with the management team and then throughout the organization. It is going to be an exciting year and I am very happy and proud to be part of Energy Engagement!

What is it like to work at Energy Engagement?

During my first month at EnergiEngagemang, I have been able to form a good enough picture to notice that most people describe commitment, helpfulness, unpretentiousness and high quality. There is pride in the organization and the work we do. Of course, there is a lot that needs to be developed, which should be a trigger! To thrive with us, you should enjoy working in an entrepreneurial environment with short decision-making paths where you can make a difference.

How many will be recruited this year?

We plan to employ around 25 people in various roles.

How will you do it?

As of mid-February, we have hired seven people so far. We will develop the career site and all aspects of the recruitment process to find models that suit us and the different roles. Most of our vacancies are advertised, but we also like to proactively contact people who are interested in the industry and for whom there may be the right opportunity later on. We would also like to welcome more trainees in the future. This year, for example, we have hired Alicia, who previously did an internship with us and studied to become a solar electricity projector.

What skills are EnergiEngagemang looking for?

During the year, we will want to contact and recruit dedicated fitters, electricians, project managers, project developers, service technicians and possibly a number of management positions. On our careers page you can make an unsolicited application and we will check who is interested in a particular role before advertising it. Click here.

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