EnergiEngagemang launches collaboration with Pixii

EnergiEngagemang starts a collaboration with Norwegian battery developer Pixii and will thus be able to offer our customers stocked modular batteries with immediate delivery in Q1 2023. The batteries can be used both as a complement to photovoltaic systems or on their own and offer many benefits to the buyer, both economically and in terms of the electricity grid.

Pixii energy storage devices are developed in Norway by leading engineers and produced in Slovakia. The battery modules are of the LFP (lithium iron phosphate) type and are each 50 kW. They are modular and scalable and can be assembled to the desired size up to 1 MW and are delivered by EnergiEngagemang as a complete plant.

Many benefits

Right now, it is economically advantageous to connect batteries to the frequency market and make your battery available to support the grid. Svenska Kraftnät has opened up for private operators to help in the work to ensure that the frequency remains steady at 50 Hz. As the spectrum market becomes saturated and the battery is paid off, several benefits remain. For example, the batteries can be used to buy electricity when it is cheapest and then use or sell it when it is more expensive. A battery can also be of great benefit in cutting power peaks and thereby lowering your electricity grid costs.

– Energy storage will be an important part of our Swedish electricity system in the future. Not only do they create the conditions to further expand green fossil-free electricity production, they also create opportunities for both individuals and companies to take control of their electricity costs and become less dependent on the fluctuations of the electricity market. Says Johan Skördare, CEO of EnergiEngagemang.

Solid knowledge in energy storage

Pixii is an expert in power conversion and energy storage and has a solid knowledge in developing, manufacturing and selling modular power conversion solutions. They work primarily with commercial and industrial buildings and facilities, agriculture, and charging and distribution system operators.

Pixii’s LiFePO4 batteries are capable of up to 9000 charge cycles with 90% depth of discharge and 70% residual capacity. Each module is monitored separately and has an air conditioning system for heating and cooling. EnergiEngagemang will deliver the batteries both as a complement to solar cell installations and as separate units.

For a better understanding of how the spectrum market works, how to become a player and what it takes to install an energy storage system in your business, there is a recorded webinar on the topic.

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