EnergiEngagemang enters the Norwegian market

EnergiEngagemang has over 10 years of experience in the Swedish solar cell market and is one of the largest in the B2B market. The company has experienced rapid growth in the Swedish market and is now gearing up further by establishing itself in Norway. The goal is to seamlessly broaden the existing organization in order to quickly offer the Norwegian market the same high level of solar power and energy storage solutions.

In Norway, as in Sweden, electrification of industry, transport and society in general is taking place, creating high demand for new renewable energy. By using all the knowledge we have built up over the last 10 years in Sweden, we will be able to offer our customers quality and reliability from the very first moment. This is our main competitive advantage. Says Nikolai Iversen, CEO of EnergiEngasement.

The potential for solar energy in Norway is huge. With previously very low electricity prices due to large amounts of hydro and wind power, the market for solar energy deployment has been slow in the past. But with new rules of the game, rapid electrification combined with expanded export cables and increased demand for electricity from Europe, a new market for solar energy has opened up.

Although EnergiEngagemang has just set up an organization in Norway, it already has several customers. Within five years, it expects to be a key player in solar power known for always delivering projects of the highest quality.

The initiative will be led by Nikolai Iversen, who has extensive experience from the energy sector, including working with renewable electricity trading in the Nordic region and Europe.

For every renewable kWh produced, the need for electricity produced from coal, oil and gas is reduced. Increasing renewable energy is a prerequisite for solving the climate challenges we face today and it is a pleasure, as well as a necessity, to work every day towards a carbon-free society. Therefore, when I got in touch with Energy Engagement, I immediately felt that it was a “perfect match”. Says Nikolai about what made him decide to take on the establishment.

Nicolai will be assisted by EnergiEngagemang founder Johan Skördare. Johan recently left the CEO position in the Swedish company to work more strategically and will in Norway contribute with important competence when it comes to both building the company and specialist knowledge in solar energy.

It’s always great to be involved early in a market and we see great potential for growth in Norway. The market is in many ways similar to Sweden, but is a few years behind when it comes to solar energy. I am very much looking forward to following the journey of getting more people to discover the joy of producing their own solar electricity. Says Johan Skördare.

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