Arctic Paper expands its business areas and invests in solar power – aims to produce 40 MW of solar electricity annually

Increased demand for electricity, higher energy prices and the green transition have led to the decision by the Arctic Paper mill in Grycksbo to become its own power producer. Both to cover their own energy consumption and to offer green, sustainable energy to the market. With a new solar cell plant from EnergiEngagemang, they have taken important steps towards their goal of producing 40 megawatts of solar electricity annually by 2030.

A total of 700,000 tons of graphic paper rolls out of Arctic Paper’s three mills in Sweden and Poland every year. Producing it requires energy, a lot of energy, which has led the group to enter the energy sector in recent years.

We already have the business areas paper, pulp and packaging, but now we also have the business area Power“, says Daniel Bergkvist Group Power Manager at Arctic Paper.

It already has its own energy production through steam turbines and hydropower. The idea for the future is to invest more in both solar and wind power; the Polish mill already has a solar power plant that corresponds to an energy production of 1,000,000 kWh. But there is more to come.

– By 2030, we will have zero carbon emissions and energy production will account for almost 7% of the group’s turnover. Energy prices are increasing and we see that we can make a good deal by owning our own energy production, but also by offering the market green, sustainable energy. The aim is to build solar power plants that together produce 40 000 000 kWh per year.

– EnergiEngagemang, our supplier, has done a fantastic job, above all it was a very simple and smooth installation. And it happened quickly. Says Daniel Bergkvist

Stefan Tegar, project manager at EnergiEngagemang, is pleased that the process industry is beginning to see the many benefits of solar energy. They often have large roofs with good conditions for installing larger systems, and they often have the highest consumption when solar energy is at its best. That is, during the daytime. What many people fail to realize is that the manufacturing industry is exempt from the 500kW peak power rule before becoming taxable. In other words, a manufacturing industry can install as much PV as they want without having to risk paying taxes on the electricity produced.

The sunny summer has meant that the plant in Grycksbo has produced above budget ever since the start, and Daniel Bergkvist does not see any financial doubts in these rather large investments.

– The high electricity prices we have seen this summer have shown that solar PV is a good investment that is here to stay. Our photovoltaic investment is a significant part of our future energy strategy and an important part of our energy mix.

The large-scale investment in energy production is also expected to increase the value of the entire company.

– On the one hand, we are minimizing the risk of being dependent on other energy companies, and on the other hand, we are building a completely new asset portfolio that will add significant value to the group. I am confident that this will be a very good deal for our shareholders. Daniel concludes.

Arctic Papers offers premium paper products and services and has a history dating back to 1740 when the mill in Grycksbo was founded. Today there are three mills, two in Sweden and one in Poland. The company has a strong commitment to the environment and sustainability, and its strategy is to stay ahead of regulatory requirements for environmental standards.

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