2022 Motala will have Sweden’s largest solar park

Starting in April 2022, we plan to build a solar park with a capacity of 24 MW, just east of Ulvåsa Castle outside Motala. The buyer of the power is the Jämtkraft energy group in Jämtland. The park will become operational in the second half of 2022 and is expected to produce about 24,000,000 kWh/year, which corresponds to the annual demand of almost 10,000 apartments.

We are currently in the final phase of the design work for Ulvåsa Solar Park.
44 400 solar panels will be installed on the land located a few hundred meters from Ulvåsa Castle outside Motala. If everything goes according to plan, they will start piling the poles in April and the whole park will be ready to be commissioned in September, five months later.

The buyer of all the solar energy to be produced will be Jämtkraft, an energy group based in Jämtland. The company’s mission is to deliver energy that makes life better, and actively promotes more renewable energy and smart energy solutions that build a sustainable society. As a self-generating energy group, it is new for the company to buy electricity from an already completed plant.

– We want to try this and see it as a way to drive the growth of additional renewable electricity generation. The demand for solar power is high and this deal allows us to increase the share of solar in our generation portfolio. Jämtkraft also has large electricity supplies in central Sweden, which makes the location of the park interesting for both us and our customers,” says Ulf Larsson, Head of Power Trading at Jämtkraft.

Making use of unused land

Carl von Essen, whose family owns the land at Ulvåsa, is also enthusiastic about the project:
-Sweden needs more energy production if we are to meet the increasing electrification of our society. Here at Ulvåsa we have several hectares of old lake bed that was previously used but where the topsoil has disappeared and the area has been taken out of use. Then I think it is very good that it will be used again.

New green energy that is fast and cheap to build

Johan Skördare, CEO of EnergiEngagemang, which will build the park, sees great opportunities with the planned solar park:
-Solar energy is a power source that is both cheap and quick to build. Building the solar park in Ulvåsa feels very good. There is good solar radiation, the land is easy to work and it is close to connecting the solar park to the local grid. We will be able to make optimal use of the 35 hectares.

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