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When the pandemic hit Sweden and the world, many people were forced to rethink their approach. One of the hardest-hit industries was hotels and conferences, where for many, distance made it impossible to continue operating. However, this does not apply to everyone. For Bommersvik near Nykvarn, the pandemic brought changes, but above all new opportunities. Among other things, it revised its offer and opened the facility to the public after previously hosting conference guests. Another major change is the decision to invest in a ground-based photovoltaic system, which has just been completed by EnergiEngagemang.

Bommersvik is a hotel and conference facility with a long history. Bommersviksgården itself was built in 1915, but the first Bommersvik deed of sale dates back to 1652. In 1937, the Social Democratic Youth Association bought the farm and since then the premises have nurtured many high-ranking politicians. Since 1999, Bommersvik has been an independent limited company and is open to all.

– People come here for the food, the environment and the staff. Now, during the pandemic, we have developed a private offer so there are more and more private guests. For example, you can rent a cottage here in the summer or go swimming. Or just visit us for a lunch in a scenic setting. We also do weddings or other types of events at our lodge. In other words, a lot of different activities. Says Jeanette Svensson, CEO of Bommersvik.

Jeanette says that there has always been a desire to be at the forefront of development and the environment. As early as the 1970s, the then director took the initiative to conduct an experiment in heating with energy water together with the Building Research Council. In other words, the whole plant is heated by the groundwater. The new photovoltaic installation is another step in being at the forefront of the energy issue.

The facility is located on the ground, on an area that used to be a football pitch. The football pitch, in turn, was relocated further away from the site. Until quite recently, the idea was to have a facility on the roof, but when the pandemic hit, these plans were put on hold. When the idea of solar cells began to grow again, they contacted EnergiEngagemang, which carried out a needs analysis and reviewed the conditions on site. As Bommersvik has been expanded several times over the years, the quality of the roof and cabling varied. The more economical option was to build a solar power plant, i.e. a small solar park on the ground.

Stefan Stålhane, who developed the project, says that the conditions were carefully considered.

– By choosing a ground plant instead, we were able to adjust the direction of the panels to maximize production based on Bommersvik’s consumption profile. In this way, we were able to ensure the highest possible level of self-use, resulting in better returns. Says Stefan.

The solar plant will annually produce between 30-40% of Bommersvik’s annual electricity needs. In addition, as they have recently made some major investments in electricity-intensive products and services, such as spas, the use of green self-generated electricity is particularly welcome.

– It feels like it was meant to be this way. There is a desire among staff to have sheep grazing in the solar park. Otherwise, it’s a question of how we should manage the land around the panels, what kind of vegetation we should have, etc. Now that we are open all year round, we have started talking about having some animals, partly sheep, but some chickens would also be cozy. But then again, we’re in the middle of a wolf territory, so you have to think a few extra times. But somehow it should be possible to solve it. Jeanette concludes.

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