Tove and Luis got jobs even before graduation

Contributing to the positive development of society, working in challenging and varied tasks, and being part of a responsible company were all important points when Tove and Luis decided to switch industries. The choice fell on solar energy and training as a solar energy projector. Already during their internship, they were both offered jobs at EnergiEngagemang.

Tove Larsson from Eskilstuna, Sweden, and Luis Torres from Malmö, Sweden, both chose to leave their previous careers to test their wings in a completely new industry. During their training as solar energy projectors, both Tove and Luis completed their LIA (Learning in Action) at EnergiEngagemang, and both were offered jobs before graduation. Luis as project developer and Tove as designer and Junior project manager in consultation and permitting. Two roles that they have helped shape based on their own interests and experiences. For Luis, who is passionate about customer service, it means that he can follow the customer from start to finish.

“I love meeting customers! Assessing their conditions, gaining their trust and designing the best possible facility to meet their needs and expectations is incredibly challenging and rewarding.” Says Luis.

Tove, who mainly works with solar parks, has a more administrative role where the focus is on finding ways forward to push the processes through according to current rules and guidelines.

“Since it is a relatively new industry where everything is not fully established, you need to like taking a lot of responsibility and being involved in influencing routines and processes to thrive here. Something Tove is really good at. Development is fast and it is important to see opportunities to find a way forward when challenges arise.” Says Helena Sjöberg, Head of HR at EnergiEngagemang.

Willingness to contribute to positive social development

The choice of a profession where you have the opportunity to contribute to the positive development of society did not come as a surprise. Tove has always had a keen interest in ethics and already has a bachelor’s degree in development with a focus on equality and diversity issues, which she also worked with for several years. When the urge for something more practical arose, she quickly realized that development and climate issues were important. Which she gets to combine in her new role at EnergiEngagemang. For Luis, it was also important to choose a profession where you can contribute to the greater good.

“Since I was previously trained as a technical property manager, I had already worked somewhat with energy optimization and thus gained some knowledge about renewable energy. This sparked my interest in solar energy and how it can contribute to the development of society.” says Luis.

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