Uddevalla Solar park – Solevalla

Solar park and charging points

The park is located just south of Uddevalla along the E6 highway. The park was initiated by Uddevalla Energi as part of their efforts to get more people to realize the benefits of solar energy. In addition to the solar park itself, charging points have been placed around the city. The solar farm produces enough electricity to power 150 electric cars, each of which can travel 1,000 miles per year – for at least 25 years. That’s almost 950 revolutions around the Earth.

A good start

Björn Wolgast, CEO of Uddevalla Energi, is very pleased with the project, which he sees as a good start.
– This park is a first step, we see it a bit like a test site. There are more land areas that we can use, and after the turn of the year we will offer private individuals the opportunity to buy solar panels through us.

Sheep keep clean

The land on which the solar park is built also has a whole staff of four-footed workers to help keep the grass in check, namely a flock of sheep. They walk here and graze the grass area so that the grass does not grow too high and shade the panels.