Record month for solar owners: March up to nine times more profitable than normal

The combination of a lot of sunshine and high electricity prices in March has given solar cell owners in southern Sweden up to nine times higher profitability of the panels on the roof compared to the forecast.

SMHI has announced in its statistics that the following locations have had solar records: Lund, Växjö, Gothenburg, Visby, Hoburg and Stockholm. The solar energy company EnergiEngagemang has taken a closer look at what the high electricity prices combined with more hours of sunshine in March have meant for solar cell owners. Many customers have reported that they have never produced so much energy in March compared to previous years.

Highest increase in southern Sweden in electricity price zone 4

A calculation based on photovoltaic installations in electricity price area SE4 in southern Sweden shows that solar electricity production has been 105% more than estimated during the month of March this year. A plant that would normally produce 10,000 kWh has instead produced 20,500 kWh. During the same period, the average price on the Nordic electricity exchange was 154.5 öre/kWh. This compares to an average price of 32.3 öre/kWh over the last ten years, which is a price increase of 378%. Together, this results in a March value that is almost nine times higher than usual.

Almost as high an increase in electricity price area 3

An average calculated on four type plants in the electricity price area SE3, which includes HSB Solcellspark outside Strängnäs, the solar radiation has been 45% more than normal. At the same time, the average price on the Nordic electricity exchange was 130.3 öre/kWh. This compares with an average price of 31.8 öre/kWh over the last ten years, an increase of 310%. This represents an increase of almost 5 times more than normal.

“Many people think that solar panels only produce electricity during the summer months, but here we can clearly see that many of our customers have received a good return on their installation this early in the year”, says Johan Skördare, CEO of Energiengagemang.

One of the company’s many customers who are happy with their investment is Mose Freyer of Moses Bil&Lack.
“We have 9,000 square meters to be heated, six paint boxes and ventilation. I’m glad I invested in this, now the dream is to double the size,” says CEO Mose Freyer.

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