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In Ulvåsa, in Motala municipality, a new solar park is planned. The park will be located near Ulvåsa Castle and Lake Boren and will cover a total of about 35 hectares. The plan is to build the park and start supplying local green electricity in 2024. The electricity generated by the park will not only ensure that the local area has access to fossil-free electricity, it will also help to stabilize the Swedish electricity grid.

The area for the park is ideal for solar energy as it has good solar radiation, good grid connection, offers good opportunities to show respect for protected environments and has an easy-to-work ground for easy installation. Once the park has reached its lifespan, it will be just as easy to dismantle for recycling. The land will then be immediately available for other uses.

Click on the image to see where the solar park will be located on the map.


In the fall of 2021, EnergiEngagemang submitted a notification to the County Administrative Board of Östergötland for consultation under Chapter 12, Section 6 of the Environmental Code for Ulvåsa solar park. The County Administrative Board then assessed that the solar park has a significant environmental impact. This means that an environmental impact assessment must be prepared describing its impact on the environment before a decision can be made on the matter. Wind Sweden AB is a consulting company hired by EnergiEngagemang to run the consultation process and produce an environmental impact assessment. You are welcome to contact EnergiEngagemang or Wind Sweden with your questions, concerns or comments.

Here you can read the consultation document containing the latest information on the project. If you wish to submit comments on the project, we need your written comments by March 16, 2023. The comments are relevant to the consultation and the forthcoming environmental impact assessment. Please note that all comments received in writing will be made public and attached to the environmental impact assessment. Comments should be emailed in the first instance to olle.n@wind-sweden.com. You can also submit them by phone or letter to:

Olle Nyström, Wind Sweden AB
Phone 0708-23 02 50
Batterivägen 2, 311 39 Falkenberg.

48 360 st

Solpaneler ska monteras

Ca 38 ha

Solparkens totala yta

26 MW

Är parkens installerade effekt

ca 24 114 000 kWh

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Project manager

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A dream for pollinating insects

In connection with the construction of the solar park, we and HSB Södermanland will start a project together with SLU – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala. The aim of the project is to monitor how different measures can benefit pollinating insects in and around the park. Our hope is that a flowering solar park can promote species richness in the agricultural landscape, and thus be of direct benefit to the cultivation of nearby farms.

Unique seed mix for solar parks

As a first step, we sow a perennial bee mixture in one part of the park. The company Olssons Fröer has developed a special solar park seed mix for us where the flowers provide plenty of nectar and pollen for bumblebees and wild bees, while the plants must not grow too high and shade the panels. Check out our film about the project

Frequently asked questions about solar parks

In many countries, solar parks are a common phenomenon and an important contributor to the electricity system. However, they are still not as common in Sweden. In our knowledge bank we have collected a number of questions that you may be looking for answers to.

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