Axel Johnson’s solar investment company AxSol is investing in EnergiEngagemang.

EnergiEngagemang continues its journey as a complete supplier of solar cell solutions for commercial and large-scale solar plants, now together with AxSol, which through the investment becomes the majority owner of the company.

Our focus remains on the Swedish market with commercial customers, such as farmers, landowners and housing associations, as well as the construction of large-scale solar parks. In 2020, EnergiEngagemang had a turnover of SEK 177 million and the company has grown profitably since the start in 2011. In 2020, the company also built Sweden’s largest established solar park to date outside Strängnäs (14 MW).

Large-scale solar parks (“utility scale”) have until now been a limited phenomenon compared to other Northern European countries. However, it is an area that is now growing rapidly.

Johan Bergström, CEO of AxSol:

“EnergiEngagemang has managed to grow both quickly and profitably. Johan Skördare’s and the rest of the team’s industry knowledge and successful project management have created a very good reputation in the industry, with both customers and competitors. We at AxSol want to invest in the most interesting Nordic solar energy companies. With EnergiEngagemang, we get a further strengthened position in the commercial segment and in the design and construction of solar parks, where we see strong growth in the Nordic region in the coming years”.

Johan Skördare, CEO of EnergiEngagemang:

“Together with AxSol, we get completely new opportunities to accelerate the expansion of solar parks, especially in central and southern Sweden, where the need is greatest. When we look at other countries, we see that solar parks account for a much larger share of electricity production, and we will see the same development here. AxSol shares this vision and with their resources we can now build a long-term and sustainable offer for landowners, investors and potential buyers of large-scale solar energy.”

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